Marijuana ETF Exposes You to $17 Billion at Less Cost

Controversial or not, one of the hottest investments of 2018 could very well be the marijuana story. In fact, even after some monster moves in the sector, there’s still further upside remaining. 

Look at Canopy Growth (TWMJF), for example to see how real the boom has been.

The stock more than doubled in November 2017 on excitement surrounding the issue of legalization and news of a major investor.Constellation Brands just took a 10% stake in that stock.  It also acquired warrants that will allow it to buy even more shares in the future. It’s an interesting move as alcohol use declines, as the use of marijuana increases.

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Even more interesting, according to Marijuana Business Daily, we could see marijuana sales growth of 45% just in 2018 in the U.S., as well as a 300% aggregate push higher in sales between 2016 and 2021 to $17 billion.  At the same time, a recent Gallup poll showed that 64% of Americans want to see marijuana legalized nationally. 

Another big catalyst is Canada, which could legalize it recreationally in July 2018.

No wonder related stocks and ETFs have been racing higher. 

The Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ.T) for example rocketed from $9 to nearly $13.50 by November 2017, too.

Talk of legalizing marijuana across the U.S. is growing like a – well, you get it.

As controversial as it may be, it’s also one of the most explosive. 

Multiple states have already legalized its recreational use (Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon) expanding the cannabis market 17% to $5.4 billion in the last year. In Colorado alone, marijuana sales skyrocketed to $996.18 million in 2015 – a record setting finish for the year. It allowed the state to collect more than $135 million in taxes and fees that year – more than $35 million of which went to school construction projects.

By 2018, the total state market for the drug could reach $6.6 billion.

When it comes to medical marijuana, the $2.9 billion market could also more than double if other states begin to legalize the use of cannabis in medications. In fact, this November, voters in Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota will vote.

All told, it really doesn’t matter what you think of this controversial topic.  

You’d be hard pressed to find an industry with faster growth than this one.

Investors are pouring into the marijuana market at an incredible pace.

“The best way to estimate the potential size of the legal market for cannabis begins with the illegal market — which is somewhere north of $18 billion a year in pot Americans consume already”, said Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron. The trade journal Medical Marijuana Business Daily says the $1.5 billion legal market could reach $6 billion by 2018,” notes USA Today.

While individual stocks are still attractive, one of the best ways to diversify is with an ETF such as the HMMJ mentioned above. It holds giant stocks such as Insys Therapeutics (INSY), GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH), Aphria Inc. (APHQF), Emblem Corporation (EMMBF) and 22nd Century Group (XXII).  The best part – an ETF like the EMMF allows you to own all of these stocks for just $12.50, as of November 2017.

If I wanted to buy all of the above-mentioned stocks, I’d have to pay $127.76 altogether.  And that’s if I bought just one share of each all at once. 

Why pay more than you have to for maximum exposure to an explosive story?

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