Profit Gaps is a crypto trading strategy designed by Michael Ambrosino, one of the 7+ millionaires who lived at the world famous Crypto Castle in San Francisco. Leveraging the education and connections he obtained at the Crypto Castle, Michael is able to use publicly available information on Crypto to determine their true value. The difference between the [true value] and the [current price] of the crypto – that’s your profit gap.
The bigger the gap between the two values, the larger the profit potential (like the large gap Ethereum had when Michael bought it at only $10). If the gap is NEGATIVE (if the crypto is selling for more than it’s true value), that’s a clear indication to avoid that losing trade.
Profit Gaps are simple – the bigger the gap – the higher the profit potential.
Profit Gaps are scored in a numerical system – 1 through 10.
1’s and 2’s have doubled Michael’s money in the past. Right now, Michael has issued an alert for a crypto with a profit gap of TEN. The highest his system goes. Michael is so confident in this profit gap, he’s invested over $200,000 of his own cash.

Overall, Profit Gaps has a track record of 22 wins and 1 loss. That’s a win rate of over 95%.